VERDICT:  Hit.  This recipe caught my eye because well, it looks amazing and I loved the title!  Since I hate to cook, my general rule for cooking is using less than 5 ingredients.  This chicken dish hits the maximum and is sweet and savory and so full of flavor.  The most amazing part is that my husband and boys don’t like mustard, but ate this all up!  I’ve tried with with both dijon mustard and honey mustard and my men preferred the honey mustard version better (probably because it was less “mustardy”).  I’ve served this with rice, noodles and salad.  It goes well with it all and there’s plenty of sauce to go around.   Mmmmmm, I can’t wait for lunch, I’m having leftovers!


I (heart) July

We hope everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day.

For us moms, summer is half over.

Bitter sweet.

I love to shop. Yeah, yeah, we all love to shop. But for me, it’s actually rooted in my identity. We don’t need to go into how, just know that I need it like food to survive. That said, having children has really cramped by shopping style. I used to shop often and far and wide. A store was NEVER too far away. Now, the grocery store down the street is too much of a hassle.

In the beginning, taking the kids shopping wasn’t that bad. Strap them in a stroller and they go where mommy goes. But at 4 and 7 years old, clothing racks and shelves are jungle gyms and obstacle courses. My shopping life now revolves around Target’s toy isle or Pottery Barn Kids.

Thanks to online shopping and traveling, I’m able to get my fix and find unique and designer pieces. But online shopping gets laborious especially if you’re looking for any sales, or deals, like free shipping, or even your size in the right color. And travel shopping was great until it overshadowed my family vacations. Saying “Boys, you can’t go fishing this afternoon cause mommy has to get to the outlet mall before it closes”, never went over well.

Enter flash sale sites. Better yet, Shopping Apps on my iPhone. It gives me purpose to wake up every morning.  I get my alerts when the sales are ready, the app has my shipping info and credit card number at the ready and I just glide my finger back and forth and up and down to new clothes, home accessories and children’s toys. The variety is what makes it so interesting. Every day is something new and anything you can imagine is literally at your finger tips. Designer clothing, make up, skin care, patio furniture, candles, train sets, mens wear, outer wear, vacations, shoes, jewelry, pillows, I can go on and on. And on and on. The best part is these sites are discount sites. It’s like having the sales rack emailed directly to you!

Here are a list of my favs:







This year I hit 35.  Which apparently also meant that I hit a wall – literally.  I’ve always been in good physical shape.  To be honest, very good physical shape.  I was lean, muscular and had a vicious metabolism.  Time and gravity has finally caught up with me and for the first time in my life, I’m having to really work at my weight.  I’ve taken this gift for granted too long and it is a habit that is dying very hard, if at all.

I’m not trying to run a marathon or compete in a body building contest.  I’m not even trying to run a 5K or lift any weights (I’m a calisthenic girl, using my own body weight).  I’m really just trying to maintain my weight and stay agile enough to ward off the strains of stress that is physically ailing me.

My goals for fitness are very simple:

1.  Fit into my own clothes

2.  Stay away from the Chiropractor

3.  Relieve stress

I’ve finally found a piece of equipment that really works for me – my iPhone.  Specifically 3 apps on my iPhone.

– My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter

Since I used to have a monstrous metabolism, I never cared about calories, fat, etc.  I never thought twice about eating what I want and eating it all and ordering seconds.  Now, I care.  I really care.  I love this this app because it is super easy.  It’s simple, clear and  pretty much has every food out there so it takes the guessing out of counting your calories.  I’ve tried to keep food diaries before and was lucky to write anything down after breakfast, so forget about calculating calories.  This app is so easy cause it’s on my phone (handy) and does all the work for you.  Did I mention it’s so easy?!

– Daily Workouts (Full Body)

As a former Pilates instructor, I never thought I would need motivation to work out.  I already know what I need to do for results.  But I’m tired and lazy and tired.  This app is a little cheesy, but I love it because I can play Pandora in the back ground while still hearing the prompts.  And verbal prompts mean I’m not always crooking my neck to stare at the phone/tv screen to see which exercise is next or how to do it correctly.  I set it for full body workout for 10 minutes.  It gives the option of more time, but I find I do more when I set it for 10 minutes and do it over and over again .  The exercises simple and change every time so there’s a good variety.  Who doesn’t have 10 minutes?  I do it while my kids shower, when they’re done, I’m done, and we’re all ready for story time!

– Nike +

 I hate to run.  I loathe it, just hate it.  But I understand it is the easiest most efficient way to get cardio.  So, inspired by a friend and her hot bod, I have committed to running at least 3 days a week for 15 minutes.  Sometimes more but NEVER less.  Again, like the 10 minute exercises, what’s 15 minutes?  I can get ready, run and shower in ~ 30 minutes.  I do it first thing in the morning to get it out of the way.  I could easily waste 15-30 minutes doing nothing at home, but this way, I’ve burned 200 calories and now have the satisfaction of knowing that if I had to run 1.5-2 miles from an abductor, I could.  So how does Nike + help me?  It came on my new iPod Nano, so of course it plays music but it also keeps me updated on my progress.  I set it for “time” (15 minutes) and it prompts me when I’ve run 5 minutes, reached the half-way point and then starts it to count down at 5 minutes left.  I really appreciate this because it is the mental boost I need.  As I mentioned, I hate running, but I feel like this app knows it and is letting me know the torture is almost over . . . only 5 minutes left, only 4 minutes left, only 3 minutes left . . .

It’s been a few weeks and I’m really starting to see and feel results.  I really needed some easy bite-sized ways to get fitness and food awareness into my busy life and these apps have really done it for me.

What apps have made a difference in reaching your health and fitness goals?

Happy Back to School!

Super cute signs courtesy of http://www.howdoesshe.com


My babies are babies no more.  Last year was just practice with a Kindergartner and a 3 year old preschooler.  This year is serious.  First grade is an official grade and now I can start counting down until the day he graduates – Class of 2023 by the way . . . Yikes!

My gal pals; Kristin and Erin

We all need girlfriends.  We know how valuable their companionship, understanding and ideas are.  I have two very good girlfriends.  We discuss being moms, being working moms, our husbands, our daily lives, the ups and the downs of it all.  And we keep it real.  Super real.  We’ve discussed bodily functions, marital issues, sex, therapy sessions, you name it.  Only, the conversation goes one-way.  Actually, two-ways, between the three of us.  My friends Erin and Kristin talk to each other about all these things and I just get to listen in.  I listen, I laugh and I relate.

I’m referring to the podcast I’m addicted to called the Manic Mommies.  Erin is a mom of two boys and runs her own PR company from her home.  Kristen is mom of a boy and girl and works in advertising in her parent’s business.  Erin is OCD, type A and controlling.  Kristen is laid-back, giggly and a total tech geek.   Despite the fact that they couldn’t tell you one thing about me, they play a huge role in my life.  Too often I start my conversations with, “On the Manic Mommies podcast I heard . . . ”

‘Their honest banter makes me feel less alone in my struggles and has helped me make major decisions for my family.  If you are a mom, a parent, a woman, want to understand women, have boys, have girls, have a dog, work in PR or anywhere in between, give Manic Mommies a listen.  You can listen on their website (www.manicmommies.com) or subscribe on iTunes.  These gals are fun, current and give a realist view of being a mom who’s trying to do it all, and then some!

Ode to the Crockpot

The reason I left my “real” job was to be a more present mother and wife.  Part of this entails feeding my children and husband.  Luckily, I do not have picky eaters, something my husband and I have consciously worked towards.  It is completely for foreign to me how anyone enjoys cooking.  Eating, yes, cooking oh, no.  I don’t understand how spices and flavors work together, what vinegar does, what lime adds as opposed to lemon.  I know the difference between sugar and salt, that’s about it.  The complex nuances between flavor and aroma is lost on me.

That said, I was still determined to cook delicious and nutritious meals for my family.  Enter the CROCKPOT.

It has been a life-saver! I now appear to have the skills of a gourmet cook.  My children and husband walk in the door and are welcomed by a warm savory aroma.  My meals are well-rounded with meat for the hubby, savory sauce and texture for my kids and veggies for me.

My problem was that I never thought about dinner until I’m hungry, then its too late.  So I’ve started planning and preparing for dinner while I’m thinking about food during lunch.  So, I’m in the right state of mind and I still have time to pick up extra ingredients and use the the slow-cooker on high!

Here are my two favorite recipes that taste like a million bucks but took no time and effort.

– Delicious Roasted Chicken without the hassle.

– The Best Chili Recipe.  Enter it in your next chili cook-off!