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As business grows

Since February when I made the fateful decision to pursue this business, I never imagined that in less than six months I would be where I am today.  Lots has happened, but not in a whirlwind way.  It’s been very methodical and at a pace that I am able to easily digest.  My latest progression towards building this business has been bringing on production assistance.  I had (half jokingly and half seriously) planned on asking my mom to help me create a little old Asian lady sweatshop.  In the past, my mom and aunt-in-law helped me with big orders.  I just assumed I could expand on that with other women from my parents temple.  But as I got closer to the reality of needing consistent and reliable help, the plan that required a middle man and a translator didn’t seem the best use of my time and energy.  So I turned to Craigslist and put out a simple ad.  Just in case you’re curious, there is a lot of interest in sewing for cash.  I was overwhelmed with responses and so impressed with the experience some of the applicants possessed.  But I’m not looking for a professional seamstress or fashion/costume designer.  I’m looking for some cool gals that enjoy sewing and have some free time.  From my mass of responses I selected to meet with 3 gals; one nursing student and mom of two and two fiber/textile students at the local art institute.  They love the line and are excited about being a part of something local and new.  I’m just beaming right now!

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Over the past few weeks, my budding business has taken a back seat to my most fabulous creations, my two boys!  We had kindergarten graduation, a 3rd birthday, a new puppy, t-ball games, birthday parties, graduation parties, and most importantly swimming pools opening.  But I’m back on track now.  I’ve hired a nanny to help me two days a week.  It’s a little weird being home with the kiddos but not “with” them.  They are all over the house and I’m holed up in my office/studio.  I was  tempted a couple times to peek my head out and see what was so funny or to tell the nanny where the swim trunks are hiding (in the laundry room).  It’s an adjustment for the boys too.  Already I’ve had a couple of interuptions, my oldest wanted to brag about how many workbook pages he’d completed and my little one cried that he wanted to work with mommy instead of taking a nap.  So far so good.  Look at me, living my dream.  My very simple, sweet dream of doing what I love with those I love around me.

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