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Little Men

As part of Reading Week, today was Principal’s Day at my kindergartener’s school.  “Tie into a Good Book” was the theme.  Wear a tie, dress like the school Principal.  For my son, simply a tie was not enough.  He wanted to be handsome and wear a suit with his tie.  He’s used to wearing suits and actually enjoys it too.  Sometimes I have to  talk him into dressing down with just jeans or a sweater vest.  I have to admit, I do love it.  As someone who enjoys fashion and style, I took every twist of motherhood into a fashion challenge to not only overcome but triumph.  So when I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy, it was yet another fashion obstacle.  I envisioned my boy as a dapper little gentleman.  And saw to every painstaking detail such as hats, socks, belts and shoes.  Unfortunately, six years ago these were not easy to come by for the 3-6 month set.  Don’t worry, I knew my goal and I accomplished it.  I’d like to think I was SO good, I was blessed with another boy just so the clothes could be re-worn!  Today my boys have a very deliberate but elaborate wardrobe.  My boys wear hats, popped collars, and suits with ease.  I’m one proud momma!

Some sharp suits for our little future heartbreakers.


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Bam + Boo Designs woud like to wish the Gold Family much success and happiness in their new endeavors. 

We only part to meet again.  ~John Gay


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