Finding Direction

Not sure where I'm going, but it looks beautiful. (image: http://www.billemory.com)

After starting this blog for Bam+Boo Designs, I’ve been a little lost as to how to use this tool.  Obviously I’ve used it to log the latest happenings at B+B, but so does my website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I want to give more in my blog the way that other blogs have given to me, such as inspiration, tips, advice and introductions to new brands and products.

The foundation of which I created Bam+Boo was based on function and style.  I try my best to live this mantra daily, some days better than others . . .  but on good days I come across some real nuggets that I can’t wait to share.  I’m excited to have an avenue to record all the great ideas I come up with or come across and hope that you can enjoy and benefit too.

So let’s get started!

Look at this BRILLIANT idea from Martha Stewart for toting and storing your yoga mat.  As a former Pilates instructor, I have a number of yoga mats and still use them quite often.  I have a variety of bags and bands with straps, without straps, etc., to store and carry them, but this idea of using a dog leash is by far my favorite.  It’s simple and chic.  Not to mention it fits my criteria of serving more than one function.

Fluffy won't mind.


Little Men

As part of Reading Week, today was Principal’s Day at my kindergartener’s school.  “Tie into a Good Book” was the theme.  Wear a tie, dress like the school Principal.  For my son, simply a tie was not enough.  He wanted to be handsome and wear a suit with his tie.  He’s used to wearing suits and actually enjoys it too.  Sometimes I have to  talk him into dressing down with just jeans or a sweater vest.  I have to admit, I do love it.  As someone who enjoys fashion and style, I took every twist of motherhood into a fashion challenge to not only overcome but triumph.  So when I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy, it was yet another fashion obstacle.  I envisioned my boy as a dapper little gentleman.  And saw to every painstaking detail such as hats, socks, belts and shoes.  Unfortunately, six years ago these were not easy to come by for the 3-6 month set.  Don’t worry, I knew my goal and I accomplished it.  I’d like to think I was SO good, I was blessed with another boy just so the clothes could be re-worn!  Today my boys have a very deliberate but elaborate wardrobe.  My boys wear hats, popped collars, and suits with ease.  I’m one proud momma!

Some sharp suits for our little future heartbreakers.

Bam + Boo Designs woud like to wish the Gold Family much success and happiness in their new endeavors. 

We only part to meet again.  ~John Gay


Spring 2011

Introducing our new Spring 2011 designs!

How much do you love our new Flutter Dress and Reversible Bubble Romper?  These pieces are perfect examples of Bam + Boo’s classic design with modern flair.  Our philosophy for children’s apparel is designing “play” clothing that is cheerful, durable, and non-restrictive. 

*NEW* Flutter Dress in Ocean


*NEW* Reversible Bubble Romper in Ice

Calming the Chaos

Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.  – George Santayana

This year’s first step towards my dedication of 2011 to B+B is organizing my time and space.  I need structure to thrive and increase production, inspration and motiviation.  This is crucial in striking my work-from-home balance.  I didn’t leave my previous job to be a SAHM.  I left to be able to WORK from home.  The biggest difference of course, is keeping myself focused on work when I’m at home.  Return Emails or sort laundy?  Count inventory or vaccum?  Unfortunately, when I’m home I want to home stuff – like watch all my DVR shows in one sitting!  

Last year was dedicated to my family.  When it came down to it, I mentally prioritized my home life over the business.  My family was the whole reason I took on the venture so I needed to make sure I wasn’t forsaking it.  So my personal schedule set the pace of the business.  With a year of Kindergarten behind me and my youngest to turn 4, I am more comfortable switching gears. 

During the quest for advice on how to handle  my (what I thought was) unique circumstances, I came across a great resource that fits my situation exactly.  Oh My Handmade Goodness blog (www.ohmyhomemade.com) is an amazing community of entreprenurial crafters making the most of their little lemonade stand.  Filled with creative women, most of whom are moms that left amazing tradtional careers to create their own definition of “having it all.” 

Here are some of my favorite posts:

1.  This post helped me organize and create productive structure.

2. This post is the inspiration for my new office/sewing room (more details to come!)

3.  This post is a great intro to social networking tools.

Happy New Year!

Can you believe its the end of a decade?  This has been probably the most signficant ten years of my life.  I got married, bought my first home, moved into a second home, had a baby, and then another baby and of course started B+B.  I have to say I’ve lived the past ten years living my life how I thought other people wanted me to live my life.  Moving into the next decade, it’s all about me making my own rules!  B+B is a huge part of that.  This business is a complete expression of who I am.  Whether you know it or not, I’m laying my bare soul out for the whole world to judge and reject or embrace and celebrate.  Let’s hope its more the latter. . .
Anyhow, I want to proclaim that I have achieved my first business goal rather quickly and over the holiday found myself a little lost as to what’s next.  But a long overdue conversation with my sister at midnight at the local Waffle House helped turn my discouragement into a quest for re-inspiration through re-assessment.  It was beyond setting a new goal.  I’m in a completely new place in a completely new economy.  Some soul searching is in order.
Eager to do so, I’ve been anxious for the kiddos to get back in school.  However, a back injury and snow days have made it near impossible to get in my “zone”.  Alas, this week I got to my fourth chiropractic appointment and kid-sharing with other moms just might do the trick.
Here’s hoping!

If you like our pocket bibs you’re gonna LOVE our new laminated bibs!  These are flying out of the warehouse and are filling the stores of some of our newest boutiques!  Tulsa, Omaha and our newest Butterfly Tatoo in Columbia!  Get yours while there is still time to save your kiddos new holiday outfit!!