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Haute Market was our first cash ‘n’ carry show.  By all means, it went very well.  My usual roadie, my dad, wasn’t available to help me set up this time so my good friend, Jeanie, (AKA my sales gal) did double duty.  She was awesome! It turns out not only can she sell but she can left pretty much anything over her head!  Whew!  The Haute Market fit into to a ballroom at the Ritz Charles Hotel (not to be confused with the Ritz Carlton) and had about 20-30 vendors.  It was a good starting show since it was rather small and very managable.  I did appreciate the tight community feel – perfect for asking stupid questions, of which I had many.  A number of my personal friends made it out, which was wonderful.  We did pretty well in sales considering most women were there to shop for themselves.  We were one of maybe three childrens/baby vendors so there was absolutely no competiton.  People picked up a lot of information cards and stopped in to admire and ask questions.  Another show is scheduled for October and I’m pretty sure we’ll sign up again.  A couple of things I learned:

1. If I have something for people to purchase, have bags.

2. Test run your credit card service first.  I didn’t know that I needed zipcodes.  Getting the transactions complete w/o them was interesting to say the least.

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