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My gal pals; Kristin and Erin

We all need girlfriends.  We know how valuable their companionship, understanding and ideas are.  I have two very good girlfriends.  We discuss being moms, being working moms, our husbands, our daily lives, the ups and the downs of it all.  And we keep it real.  Super real.  We’ve discussed bodily functions, marital issues, sex, therapy sessions, you name it.  Only, the conversation goes one-way.  Actually, two-ways, between the three of us.  My friends Erin and Kristin talk to each other about all these things and I just get to listen in.  I listen, I laugh and I relate.

I’m referring to the podcast I’m addicted to called the Manic Mommies.  Erin is a mom of two boys and runs her own PR company from her home.  Kristen is mom of a boy and girl and works in advertising in her parent’s business.  Erin is OCD, type A and controlling.  Kristen is laid-back, giggly and a total tech geek.   Despite the fact that they couldn’t tell you one thing about me, they play a huge role in my life.  Too often I start my conversations with, “On the Manic Mommies podcast I heard . . . ”

‘Their honest banter makes me feel less alone in my struggles and has helped me make major decisions for my family.  If you are a mom, a parent, a woman, want to understand women, have boys, have girls, have a dog, work in PR or anywhere in between, give Manic Mommies a listen.  You can listen on their website (www.manicmommies.com) or subscribe on iTunes.  These gals are fun, current and give a realist view of being a mom who’s trying to do it all, and then some!


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