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The reason I left my “real” job was to be a more present mother and wife.  Part of this entails feeding my children and husband.  Luckily, I do not have picky eaters, something my husband and I have consciously worked towards.  It is completely for foreign to me how anyone enjoys cooking.  Eating, yes, cooking oh, no.  I don’t understand how spices and flavors work together, what vinegar does, what lime adds as opposed to lemon.  I know the difference between sugar and salt, that’s about it.  The complex nuances between flavor and aroma is lost on me.

That said, I was still determined to cook delicious and nutritious meals for my family.  Enter the CROCKPOT.

It has been a life-saver! I now appear to have the skills of a gourmet cook.  My children and husband walk in the door and are welcomed by a warm savory aroma.  My meals are well-rounded with meat for the hubby, savory sauce and texture for my kids and veggies for me.

My problem was that I never thought about dinner until I’m hungry, then its too late.  So I’ve started planning and preparing for dinner while I’m thinking about food during lunch.  So, I’m in the right state of mind and I still have time to pick up extra ingredients and use the the slow-cooker on high!

Here are my two favorite recipes that taste like a million bucks but took no time and effort.

– Delicious Roasted Chicken without the hassle.

– The Best Chili Recipe.  Enter it in your next chili cook-off!


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Finding Direction

Not sure where I'm going, but it looks beautiful. (image: http://www.billemory.com)

After starting this blog for Bam+Boo Designs, I’ve been a little lost as to how to use this tool.  Obviously I’ve used it to log the latest happenings at B+B, but so does my website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I want to give more in my blog the way that other blogs have given to me, such as inspiration, tips, advice and introductions to new brands and products.

The foundation of which I created Bam+Boo was based on function and style.  I try my best to live this mantra daily, some days better than others . . .  but on good days I come across some real nuggets that I can’t wait to share.  I’m excited to have an avenue to record all the great ideas I come up with or come across and hope that you can enjoy and benefit too.

So let’s get started!

Look at this BRILLIANT idea from Martha Stewart for toting and storing your yoga mat.  As a former Pilates instructor, I have a number of yoga mats and still use them quite often.  I have a variety of bags and bands with straps, without straps, etc., to store and carry them, but this idea of using a dog leash is by far my favorite.  It’s simple and chic.  Not to mention it fits my criteria of serving more than one function.

Fluffy won't mind.

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