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We’re Growing!!!

Just like Bam+Boo’s “little” customers’, we’re growing! Beginning this week we’ve added our very own Public Relations/Marketing-ista!! (She really wanted the title Fashion-ista but what does that really have to do with PR/Marketing??) Michelle Richardson comes to us with 17+ successful years in sales and advertising, and most recently as a marketing consultant for several local businesses. In addition to being a mom she volunteers at her daughter’s elementary school, her church and several community organizations. With her many media and business connections Michelle will help promote Bam+Boo to the media both locally and nationally.

Michelle lives in Leawood, KS with her husband, Rod of 14 years and her 2 daughters, Addison and Jillian. She LOVES cats and recently got her wish to own a Ragdoll (that’s a breed of cat for those of you that haven’t discovered the ecstasy of feline brilliance) when Benjamin (a.k.a. Jammers) made the long car trip from Omaha to live at her house!

In her spare time you’ll find her walking/running the “trail system” around Johnson County, reading her 3rd book for the week or shuttling her VERY active 9 and 12 year-old daughters to their many activities. She LOVES networking and hanging out with friends and of course-planning any social event you can think of!


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