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I (heart) July

We hope everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day.

For us moms, summer is half over.

Bitter sweet.


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I love to shop. Yeah, yeah, we all love to shop. But for me, it’s actually rooted in my identity. We don’t need to go into how, just know that I need it like food to survive. That said, having children has really cramped by shopping style. I used to shop often and far and wide. A store was NEVER too far away. Now, the grocery store down the street is too much of a hassle.

In the beginning, taking the kids shopping wasn’t that bad. Strap them in a stroller and they go where mommy goes. But at 4 and 7 years old, clothing racks and shelves are jungle gyms and obstacle courses. My shopping life now revolves around Target’s toy isle or Pottery Barn Kids.

Thanks to online shopping and traveling, I’m able to get my fix and find unique and designer pieces. But online shopping gets laborious especially if you’re looking for any sales, or deals, like free shipping, or even your size in the right color. And travel shopping was great until it overshadowed my family vacations. Saying “Boys, you can’t go fishing this afternoon cause mommy has to get to the outlet mall before it closes”, never went over well.

Enter flash sale sites. Better yet, Shopping Apps on my iPhone. It gives me purpose to wake up every morning.  I get my alerts when the sales are ready, the app has my shipping info and credit card number at the ready and I just glide my finger back and forth and up and down to new clothes, home accessories and children’s toys. The variety is what makes it so interesting. Every day is something new and anything you can imagine is literally at your finger tips. Designer clothing, make up, skin care, patio furniture, candles, train sets, mens wear, outer wear, vacations, shoes, jewelry, pillows, I can go on and on. And on and on. The best part is these sites are discount sites. It’s like having the sales rack emailed directly to you!

Here are a list of my favs:







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